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Katie's graduation

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This is my son Chris, 19 years old at the time.

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This is Katie in the play "Hello Dolly" last spring.Katie -  Hello Dolly.JPG (146009 bytes)

The following pictures are Katie going to the prom of 2004.

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These are some pictures of a few years back, some of BackBone rock.

Here is one of Chris when his favorite pastime was eating, and eating, and eating.  Of course, as you can see, I didn't miss many meals myself.

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This is Chris, Katie and Tristin at BackBone Rock

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Here is me, Katie, Tristin and Chris.  I think Chirs' toupee is tooooo big.

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Chris Blending in the scenery.

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Chris and Todd (cousin) back in their rapper days.

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And finally, (for now) Katie wanting to be CatWoman.

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I will be adding more pictures that I have a little later, don't have too many electronically right now.